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What is FlowCon France ?

FlowCon France (formerly known as Lean Kanban France) is a conference focused on "Development Flow by Teams" - Continuously and Autonomously delivering software, from coding to strategic thinking, to make customer happy. Drop iterations, forget about scaling and don’t rely on individual hero, let’s focus on "Teams working at their best with a Flow". We are the children of the Agile movement, with an unstoppable will to learn and share about Lean, Product Development, User Experience, DDD, Craftsmanship, Continuous Delivery, Kanban, Decentralized Management ...

FlowCon is about offering quality content, French and international, in a warm and informal setting. We want to host a conference where Coders, Product and Management people can learn and share knowledge for hours. Typical attendees come from 4 worlds:

  • Coders (Dev, Ops, Architects, Tech Leaders)
  • Product People (PO, PM, UX, QA)
  • Bosses
  • Coaches

CFP is Open on in flow :)

FlowCon has also an associated meetup with regular events:

Our value

A deep dive into software product development flow


Speakers are coming from all around the world

2 days

2 days of conferences in a large venue

5 tracks

5 tracks with 30+ talks and workshops

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Coming soon!

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